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Welcome to Leanora's Enterprise Limited, a for profit Consultancy aimed at promoting health and well-being UK wide.

This Organization was established to provide the Best in Health Therapies, Aroma oils, Associated products and Cosmetics.

Counselling and Support for Smokers who wants to quit and Training in Varying Therapies, Communication and Life Skills.

Leanora's Healthcare Consultancy, delivering Complementary therapies to improve the health and well-being of people.

"People like Us" from all sectors in different communities by treating the symptoms that causes imbalance such as:

  • Anxiety - Arthritis - Depression - Difficulty sleeping - Lack of concentration - Loss of libido - Lethargy - Mood Swings

  • Panic Attack - Poor memory - Reduced resistance to infection - Irritable Bowel Syndrome - Weight loss.

  • The 20th Century Killer - Stress and its related disorder and the attaining and maintaining of their overall health.

Leanora's aim is to highlight the potentials of the therapies for whole health

Extending the knowledge of the visitors where possible by answering questions.

Taking their comments into consideration will not only improve the present services but also extend the same in the future.

Our Mission

Leanora's Enterprise Limited recognizes that complementary therapies aid varying medical symptoms thereby having a great potential to enhance and maintain our health and lifestyle.  

Our aim is:

  • To provide a specialist service to clients at Leanora's outlets, their place of work and in some cases in their homes
  • To assess, treat and review individuals and the service on offer
  • To value each person as an individual - that is having respect for them and their social presence.
  • To provide a holistic media through which to promote change for better health
  • To build rapport and good working relationship with clients to enable them to function more effectively
  • To inform and enhance the public awareness of the great potentials of the therapies in the attaining and maintaining of their health and lifestyles.

Assessments are provided through a visit to or from Leanora's.

We serve our clients with the highest possible quality of service at a reasonable cost.

Company Profile

Leanora's Enterprise Limited is also a platform to raise Public awareness by continually informing and enhancing their knowledge on health and well-being.  

The company set its priorities on improving the health of people from all sectors of the communities in Essex, surrounding counties 

London, Birmingham and other parts of UK by identifying and delivering therapies to meet their individual needs.

Leanora's Healthcare offer a range of therapies to treat ill health as well as attaining and maintaining good health.   

We deliver the following options:

  • Aromatherapy -  Fragrant Essential oils enrich our life
  • Beauty Care  -  Improve on nature's gift
  • Indian Head Massage - Leave you feeling peaceful and more able to cope with life's stresses
  • Reflexology         - Helps nature achieve Balance
  • Remedial Massage - Specific techniques
  • Therapeutic Massage  - Attain and maintain good health
  • Understanding and Treating Back Pain - An alternative to medication or  work together alongside medication.
  • Consultation Online and Offline
  • Counselling & Support for Smokers

We offer 30, 60 and 90 minutes Aromatherapy/massage sessions.

Indian Head massage and Reflexology sessions of 40, 30 and 60 minutes

Whether you like a massage just 'because it feels good' or to make sore muscles feel better.

Leanora's provide you with a professional service targeted at your specific health needs.

We provide therapies in Bramston Sport Centre and a clinic soon to be open.

Leanora's mobile therapies service is available in local areas e.g. Witham, Braintree and Chelmsford.

The mobile services cater for those with mobility difficulty e.g. wheelchair bound and the elder.

With our mobile service  everything is taken care of  from a comfortable couch to our specifically formulated oils and towels.

So if you live or visiting Witham and nearby surrounding areas, why not make a booking today!

With our affordable rates your therapies is only a phone call away!


Want to know more?   Call us on (0044) 01376 513326 or email Leanora972@aol.com



Banks/Building Societies - Public Services - Private Organizations - Beauticians -  Day Centres - Residential/Nursing Homes - Health Clubs and People Like Us


Aromatic Massage - Body/Foot bath-Compresses - Room Fragrancing - Skin and Hair Care

Marketing Services supply:

  • Administration
  • Essential Oils and Associated Products
  • Training - we educate in Life Skills and therapies
  • Assessment and Review - Social Work



  • Life Coaching  - Website Under Construction




Leanora's is a Member of the International Council of Holistic Therapists




In 2001 I was approach by a Voluntary Organization be part of their Ground Breaking Initiative

An Introduction of Complementary Therapies to African and African-Caribbean women with mental health issues, a service long overdue.

Quote from users:

"After hurting my back, I was in a lot of pain and on medication.  The only relief  that I from my pain was when I got a massage, I feel much better and I am able to move about a lot easier".

"Before I started having Therapies, I had chronic pain in my back muscles, this is where I carry my stress.  The regular therapy helps relax these muscles and other muscles that get tight from my sporting activities.  If I miss an appointment, I definitely feel the difference".

"After a massage therapy treatment, I am so relaxed that I usually take a nap".   "The pain in my back is gone and I feel great".

"My reason for seeing Lea was a need for reduction in the discomfort and continual pain I get in the lower half of my body, on receiving therapy I am able to go about my everyday activities with less restrictions and the continual pain only become uncomfortable about 2-3 weeks later".

"I really believe therapy is for the betterment of everyone's health, no matter what our state of health, life can be richer for the small amount of time spent receiving therapy".

"I access Reflexology treatment because it was recommended as a means in the prevention of weight loss, I am please to say that over the course of treatments weight loss crease and I gain a few pounds due to this I continue to have treatment which aid weight gain, improve confidence and self-esteem".


Our consultancy provides a unique combination of skills, experience and expertise which are complementary in nature.

I originally trained as an Administrator working in Birmingham before joining the Women Royal Air Force.  I changed career direction after the arrival of my son to working with People with Learning Disabilities, mental health problems, special needs, challenging behaviour and the elder.

Working with Learning disabilities lead me to the undertaking and gaining of my RNIB qualification with the Royal National Institute of Blind, which in turn prompted my interest in Complementary Therapies. After qualifying in varying therapies, I then became part of an initiative to ensure incorporation of Complementary Therapy in the health sector. I give talks and demonstrations in Residential/Nursing homes and other interested organizations in Essex , London and Birmingham.


Female - African-Caribbean

I have gained a unique combination of skills, experience and expertise, which are complementary in nature through working within the community.  I have worked directly with people from various individual cultural backgrounds.   As a Proprietor of a Consultancy Company - Leanora's Enterprise an entrepreneur supplying Complementary Therapies and other associated services part-time. Over the period of March 2003 to date, the setting up and running of Light at the Crossroads - a Voluntary Organization delivering Health Therapies and other services such as life skills to the disadvantaged as well as others who need help within my local and surrounding areas. Participates in the Flora London Marathon 2003, 2004 and 2005; Trek China in September 2004 with the British Red Cross Therapist for The British Heart Foundation for the last 3 years in their London to Southend Bike ride.  I  have a track record of managing and facilitating change in the areas of Administration and Nursing both in the statutory and voluntary sector and have applied this in Essex, Birmingham and London.    Three years in The Women Royal Air Force.  Working with People with Learning Disabilities and extra sensory disabilities as well as with children with placement breakdown and people with mental health problems.

I have a track record of managing and facilitating change.  

1.  One of the first to undertake the Royal National Institute of the Blind Certificate in Multiple Disability  (Specializing in certain areas of Health).

2.  Member of the Trust Complementary Therapy Working Party   (To ensure incorporation of Complementary Therapy in Health and Social Practice (Private & Trust).

3.  Deputy Team Leader – New Possibilities Health Promoting Initiative (Working to ensure that Oral Health becomes a High Priority among Trust staff and clients thereby ensuring that People with Learning Disabilities receive the same treatment for overall health both in the Trust and outside services)

4.  Chief Executive Award for Research and Development from New Possibilities NHS Trust (Due to the impact made on Client’s health and Staff knowledge and development).

Proprietor of a Consultancy Company Leanora's Enterprise an entrepreneur supplying the services of Complementary Therapies and Associated products as well as Counselor to Smokers who wants to quit on a part-time basis. 





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Contact Information

I can be contacted from Monday - Sunday between the hours of 09.00 - 21.00 GMT.  Answering facility available on both the Landline and Mobile so if I am otherwise engaged, please leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

(0044) 01376 513326
(0044) 01376 513326
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52, Foxglove Close, Witham, Essex, CM8 2XW
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Location of Therapies:   Bramston Sport Centre: Bridge Street, Witham, Essex.  We are in the Yellow Pages under Complementary Therapies and Therapists. You can also find us on Yell.com and on various search engines.



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